In a Certain Realm...

S26 Frost Giants and orcs, oh my

Lots of thinking and a fair bit of fighting too.

A reminder, the ravens gave us the following clues:

  • Maiden – Waxing moon. Chime of opening
  • Mother – Full moon. Natural Weapons +1
  • Crone – Waning moon. Amulet of Recovery

The hut is struck by stones, thrown by the Frost giants from outside once they realize there are people in the hut. I think the hut arrived on their camp as one of them is already injured and scratched. Rustan and Bragga take up positions just inside the windows, and fire from relative cover. Faufine flies out and breaths fire in a giant’s face. Zorka “drives” the Hut and has it kick several giants in range. After being pummelled by Wanderroot, burned by Faufine and (later) Bragga, zorched by lightning and kicked by the Hut, the remaining few flee. The hut goes after them, and kills them.

The hut stops pacing. We figure out we’re in the eastern regions of Thay (Artosa) one side or the other of the Sunrise Mountains (probably the western reaches along the marches plateau).

In searching the bodies of the giants, Bragga finds a set of giant dice and a palantir that seems to be made of strong transmutation magic. It contains a trapped snowstorm. By breaking it, you would release a large snowstorm centred on the wielder.

We wander about, inside and out. The hut heals quite quickly, but Zorga has lots to clean up inside. We stay in the hut for the night.

Radabour doesn’t let us back in until Rustan manifests the cloak of the black rider. We chat, he has an arcane way of speaking and we figure he’s been here a very long time.

We examine the riddle given to us by the ravens three.

_Seek now the sisters three who are one
Mother. Maiden. Crone.
But know that the Maiden is illusive
And may only be caught by the waxing moon.

The amulet will lead you to one of the three clues we seek
The first ingredient for Grandmother’s kettle.
Look for the key when the time catches up to us all.
Look for the mother, when the moon is full.

The changling holds what we desire.
We will find the crone only when the moon wanes._

Faufine comes back from his scouting expedition. He found an orc. He had sheep. Wanderroot tells us the trees say there’s a tribe of nomads near here. The ladies decide to go and speak to the grey orc shepherd. He names himself Kaild. Shepherd of the Rashak. He calls the hut the cave of Luthic’s mother. It’s come twice in his lifespan. He warns us of the giants of frost and snow in the area. After our discussion, we return to the Hut for the night.

3rd of Ilaint

The fence has appeared around the hut over night.

Wanderroot and Bragga try to drive the hut. Only Wanderroot succeeds.

The hut is taken to within sight of the shepherd and Bragga goes to meet him. Surprisingly Kaild wants to see the “Walking Cave”. Kaild and his sheep stand on the porch and we take the Hut to the grey orc camp.



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