In a Certain Realm...

S24 Into the Hut and from there

A long fight followed by a short voyage of discovery ... sort of.

It’s still early morning.

We heal up then glance inside the Hut. It is definitely bigger on the inside! We push open the unlocked door and step into a cosy-looking hut. Bragga looks at the weave and finds it dizzying. There is a curse on the far door – threatening all who enter that are not servants be struck with fire.

She finds a small bead. It’s a tiny curled up lizard. There are lots of things scattered about, including: Crystal vial with effervescent heart shaped bubbles, Hexen dolls, Two little boxes of ointmens, Sack of tea leaves, and a small metal can with mineral-smelling liquid.

And she sees something glowing magical scratched into one of the hearth stones. Its shaped with a stylized head with a beak.

We walk into the next room, following Rustan, and there are five iron thrones around a breath-taking map. On one of the iron thrones is a pile of bones. As we approach, the pile of bones connects to each other and Nazhena’s voice resonates from it! “Fear the wrath of the winter witches!” The pile of bones, now a bone golem, attacks us. We dispatch it quickly.

Bragga notices there is magic around the thrones (divination). Wanderroot plays with the divination to see Bragga, then Nadia’s kids. But he can’t find Grandmother.

Bragga, meanwhile meets Zorka, the Hut’s guardian. She was hiding in the hearthstone. She’s a kikamora (a female demovoy). She identifies the two items we’ve been carying (a red scarf and an orc fertility symbol) htat will take us to the next crumb on Grandmother’s trail. Lidiya wonders if these two items will take us to Thay.

Zorka opens the library for us to figure out where we will go next. We learn the two items will indeed take us to the Hoofwood Forest in the Thartch of Goros near Arthursthra (in Thay).

Bragga dumps the two items into the 1/2 full cauldron. The liquid roils, then everything changes and shifts. The cauldron remains the same, but even the Hut has changed.



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