A singing priestess of Selune.


Lidiya, in human form, is a petite woman with pale skin and pure white hair. A single lock at the front of her skull is black. Her eyes are winter blue. As a white wolf she has a single dark circle of fur on her forehead. The witch calls it the mark of Selune.


Anoksi was returning home with a great catch of game. Tonight was the festival of Selune, and he was looking forward to, perhaps, even meeting a girl. As he passed a lake deep in the woods, he saw a reflection that made his breath catch in his throat.

When he moved into the clearing of the lake, he saw only a winter wolf at the edge of the water. Knowing his danger, he approached and greeted the wolf as he would any other traveler.

“Tell me friend, do you know the woman that I saw in the lake?” he asked, throwing down a rabbit to the wolf.

“I do.” said the wolf. “But why should I tell you? Maybe she’s not your type.” The wolf dug hungrily into the rabbit.

“Maybe not. But then again, maybe she is.” Anoksi sat down across from the wolf and put his catch to the side. He saw the eyes of the wolf lock on the meat, and he smiled.

The wolf licked its lips. “Give me the deer and I’ll arrange an introduction.” she said.

“Alright.” Anoksi picked up the deer carcass and dropped it infront of the wolf. Before the wolf could start to eat, he grabbed the wolf by the ruff around her neck.

“Let go!”

“No I will not.”

The wolf turned and twisted and tried again and again to free herself. “Let go!” she demanded.

“No. Not until you introduce me to the woman.”

“But you promised.”

“There is the meat. Eat it while I hold you. But I will not let go until I meet her.”

And the wolf became the woman. Anoksi’s hands loosened around her throat and fell to her shoulders. He gave her his cloak and covered her with it. For though she showed no signs of being cold, it was a cold night.

She smiled at him. “My name is Yelina” she said.
And he knew himself to be truly snared.
He visited a witch, and with her help, in return for a future favor, learned how to woo a White Wolf and make her his wife.

Or so the story goes.
In truth, it was Anoksi who was a Winter Wolf. In his youth he dared attack at witch. She cursed him so he would know what it felt like to suffer fear. But this witch was crafty.
He spotted Yelina at a pond, washing her hair. Despite everything, he fell in love.
Without realizing it, he raced away and caught her a rabbit.
He left it at her feet.
When she screamed at seeing him, he raced away in fear.
He left a deer at her father’s doorstep.
That night he tried to serenade her.
The villagers drove him off.
He pined away at the edge of the village.

Yelina visited a witch and, in return for a future favor, learned the White Wolf’s story.
She snuck out one night, taking a freshly slaughtered pig’s heart out into the woods.
There she fed him a mix of herbs and gave him a cloak to wear as he ate the heart out of her hands.
And into the village, she returned with Anoksi – who was happy now to be a man.

Lidiya has heard both versions of the tale. Though which is the truth, she does not know.

She now works for the witch who claims to have made the meeting of her parents possible. She was born with a foot in both worlds, and the witch is determined she will learn enough about being both Human and a White Wolf; but has never explained why or for what purpose.

Lidiya has an incredible singing voice in both forms, but she thinks this is her only claim to fame.


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