In a Certain Realm...

S23 For the Hut!

After a battle with its guard, we... well, you'll see.

Wanderroot casts message on Faufine and then he heads out into the Hut’s clearing. Faufine goes in and scouts around. He sees a woman made of ice on watch. Nadia notices something land on a nearby branch. Bragga casts Glitter dust and an owl appears on the branch.

Rustan shoots at the owl while an ice statue strides towards us. It looks a lot like Nazhena Vasilliovna. We hear a voice from behind the ice statue, demanding Wanderroot release “him” (the owl?) at once. A second bird comes into view. It becomes a running battle around the clearing in which the Hut stands. At the end, Nazhena and her owl (Boo) are dead. We collect her
Hypoerboreal robe (+2 to all saves, renders your flesh seeing cold (d6 frost damage)), and a Potion bandoleer containing: 1 potion of barkskin, 2 potions cure moderate wounds, 2 shield of faith), a Wand of ice spears (9 charges) and an Ice sickle (Shard of elemental ice. +1 frost sickle Does 1d6 ice damage. magical vortex; it can store 1 cold spell that can be used to counter a fire spell.). She also had a Blue quartz tiara (500gp) and an Ice diamond necklace (500 gp).

Nadia saves the head, and Mellifluere’s earth elementals bury the remains deep.

Behind a picket fence, made of long bones and topped with human skulls, is a small wooden hut on chicken legs. There are two dead Black Riders on the ground. Their bodies are unspoiled. We say a prayer and bury they deep.

Rustan says: Little house, litle house, turn your back to the forest and face me. The hut settles down on the ground and its back door faces us.

Wanderoot touches the shackle, there is a flair of darkness and the shackle shatters.



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