In a Certain Realm...

S17 From Helsprin to Winterthrone

With a few minor stops along the way.

19th of Highsun

Along the way into the village outside of Helsprin, we come across the entombed body of the 2nd witch queen; Nadia tells us that when Babba Yaga and her alliance of fey and trolls conquered this country the 2nd witch queen tried to rebel against Babba Yaga, and was caught fleeing.

As we enter the village, Nadia notes something is amiss. Faufine scouts ahead.

He comes back to say the town seems empty, but for a man; he’s laying on the ground outside the last house on the edge of the village.

As we approach, Mellifluere switches out to Wanderroot. Rustam spots the fallen man while Nadia calls out for Marette.

Wanderroot recognizes the tracks as one of a quickling.

Borwild (the man in the street). is badly injured. As Lidiya is dealing with Borwild., Nadia and Marette call out to each other. Marette tells Rustan to stay away or they’ll kill you.

As it moves, we see it. It’s a blurry, indistinct, creature that moves super fast. It’s a quickling; and it puts up quite a fight. Lidiya and Nadia manage to get inside the house, followed quickly by Rustan carrying Borwild. The quickling is joined by a twig jack; but they are no match for Rustan and Nadia’s dead-eye aim, Bragga’s magic and Wanderroot’s strength.

Inside the house, the two children run to hide. Lidiya sees to Borwild. Nadia dashes out to get her sons, along with Rustan and Wanderroot.

The houses along the street are decorated in beautiful gingerbread patterns. The region is known for its wood carving. Brightly colored decorations are fairly rare. Marette says her boy was tricked into becoming a satyr.

They managed to get everyone (even the dogs) indoors.

Wanderroot finds the barn that (he learned previously) the fey are hiding in; at the edge of the village just outside of town.
As Wanderroot watches, the Quickling comes out of the second story, runs down the wall, outside a bit and then back in.

It seems the other fey have captured a golden faun and are trying to convince him to kill his mother. At Bragga’s suggestion, we head out to the barn. Nadia stays behind with her boys. Faufine scouts ahead, but gets caught! He calls out to Wanderroot for help.

Wanderroot bursts into the barn. Zababa (the Quickling) recognizes Wanderroot (as walking and talking trees are fairly rare in these parts). She gives him the chance to walk away, but they intend to kill the nasty humans. As she runs off to deal with new-comers, Wanderroot tries to grab her, and the nearby tinder jacks explode, doing him damage.

In the ensuing battle, the twig-jacks are killed and the Quicklings (2) subdued. The young faun is humanoid with golden hair and jacked legs. He’s wearing rags (perhaps a shirt and some pants). Once freed, he dashes home.

His mother opens the door and she runs to greet him, embracing him. Wanderroot takes the quickling aside to “hold court” with the fae. Mellifluere summons earth elementals who pull the fae down into the earth where they die.

Meanwhile, in town, the dogs are shoo’ed out of the house and the kids are left to play together.

Marette cooks a cabbage and pork stew. During the evening, Borwild awakens. After thanking us, Borwild plays his flute.
We chat with the young faun. Lidiya fixes up a shirt for him.

Ellarion offers to help the young faun figure out his powers.
In the night Hatch (the domovoi) and Nadia talk.

20th of Highsun

In the morning, under a light flurry of snow – good byes are said. Garron (the satyr) left during the night.

The dog sleds are hitched and we head out once more. We travel on to Winterthrone.
It takes 3 days go get there.

23rd of Highsun

The city is quite striking. From a distance, it seems to be completely white. Rich in textures, but absolutely white in color.
We decide to go into the fish camps, looking as much like peasants as possible.



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