In a Certain Realm...

S12 Leaving the Pale Tower

... in the dust!

Lidiya healed Mellifluere of her wounds.
In searching the other rooms of the tower, Rustan is attacked by an ice statue of Noisima; and he is cursed with an illness that sucks the life from him. Lidiya and Mellifluere rush to his aid, but they end up using a scroll from Bragga. Mellifluere reads from the scroll and heals Rustan.

Bragga learns the little girl was used to power a protection doll that was sent back to the Forgotten Realms and that the goat’s name is Balstoy.

In looting the vault, Wanderroot can’t open the treasure chest. He kicks the chest along the ice floor saying “Hey Rustan, here’s something for you.” Rustan, sitting on the bed – takes a shot at the treasure chest and the lock pops open.

Wanderroot finds a portal that seems to be linked back to Mellifluere’s grove.
Lidiya takes note of where the other five portals are.

  • Two in Faerun (one is in the yearwood)
  • 1 in Karatur
  • 1 in Mastaca
  • 1 in Zakara
  • 1 in the open ocean (near Evermeet).

The key to use the anywhere teleporter is the phrase “Make haste and retreat with the ground beneath my feet”.

Balstoy (the goat) warns us that a shapeshifter came to the tower with a plan to replace Lady Argenta.
The shapeshifter is still here, but permanently in Lady Argenta’s shape.

We go down to the main hall and as we’re preparing to entering the library, a man comes to the door.

The party launches its attack early, shrinking the man at the door, and rushing past to attack the guards in the nearby rooms. It is a free-for-all against the Captain, two guards, two atomi, Frafine (the satyr bard we met along the road). It is a particularly long and hard -fought battle, leaving all of the party injured in some way.



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