In a Certain Realm...

S11 Frigid Towers

The Ravens were really a murder waiting to happen

On the mid-summer’s eve Mellifluere interrogates the Domovoy in Nadia’s house. He use to live in the Pale Tower.
In the morning, the priest retells the tale of the mid-summer pact with the wolves. He omits a few things and emboldens others, but the legend is reborn.

Mellifluere has a map on birchbark of the Pale Tower. She also knows the passwords to get between levels and who lives within.

In the dark of the night, patterns of light flow across the sky. We talk briefly; then go to bed.

Mellifluere finds a small crown of deep dark purple flowers deposited on one of Wanderroot’s smaller branches. There is a slight magic about them.

1st of Highsun, 1378 year of the cauldron.

Tonight is a full moon.
Lidiya uses her moonlight script to determine if the adventure into the Pale Tower is weal or woe. There is no answer. She decides this is a good thing.

Nadia and Rustan bring the guard’s dogs to heel. Lidiya and Nadia’s boys play with Nadia’s dogs in the meantime.

Bragga examines the mirror. The mirror is not inherently magical. As she peers deeper into its facets, she finds residual divination magics, but more as a focus (from the exiting of the magic). Some red wizards have spells designed to speak through a specially prepared item. The magic probably required it’s placement in the inn; having been moved should have broken the spell. The priest, once warned, puts it in the basement of the church — and expresses an interest in bricking it up.

Bragga, Mellifluere, and the priest search the town for magic. There’s a magical shield above his hearth. The general store has some magical items (nothing divination-based). There’s more Stuff in the Alchemists’s home. The chapel has some residual magic. The woodcarver has something magical in his house (but, again, it’s not divination).

The priest gives Lidiya a vial of oil that he says will protect her from evil.

We take two sleds to carry everyone. Ellarion comes with us to watch the dogs while we’re away.
We take the cloaks and the helms of the soldiers as well as 100 feet of rope and a grapple. We also take the potion of protection from the elements.

Ellarion wears a suit of studded leather armor.

We head out. It’s a beautiful summer day and the snow is knee-deep. In the sunlight it’s only -10C. It’s not too windy and rather pleasant. There are occasional stops to get up, stretch and shake out the furs.

We dodge the Snare-sisters (trappers that work for the witches), thanks to Wanderroot’s talking to the trees. We avoid the patrols and guards, and pass through grandmother’s gift; a thick stand of birch trees.

We stop some distance from the tower and take cover under the trees. Ellarion takes the dogs a distance away. He says he’ll wait 3 days. As he departs Nadia erases all our tracks within a 60’ radius.

As the sun sets, the crows flow in and out of the aviary.
At the foot of the tower, we can feel the cold radiating out of the ice.

Faufine takes the rope and flies up. He places the grapple and the knotted rope falls down.
Nadia, Rustan, and Wanderroot climb up, while Bragga and Lidiya hold onto Wanderroot.

The aviary is a strange shaped room. Wires run across the room, upon them sit the crows. The room has two crates and several doors. A lattice on the floor glowing with pale blue light is the strangest feature in the room.

Nadia dashes forward, pushing everyone out of the way and starts killing crow after crow, grabbing some with her other hand and chucking them away onto the ice spikes.

Silence returns to the aerie.

Wanderroot ties the door shut. Beyond the door is a priestess of Oriel (maybe).

The store room is long and narrow and its full of stacked crates. There are shelves at head height that are filled with dollhouses. The dollhouses have minor enchantments. Many are filled with crap; a jeweled silver dagger (with the hilt resembling a winter wolf) +1, jade bracelet in the form of a dragon, a gold ring, silver medallion decorated with sapphires, gold signet ring with a seal or noble crest, and three blue quartz crystals.

The crates contain food for the ravens, surplus metal wire, and poultices for the ravens.

The group opens the door and rushes in, but the priestess of Oril is not in her room. The leaf-shaped room holds a bed hard-up against the back corner. There are two windows in this room, and a rather pretty crystal mobile of birds.

There’s a light wooden shield in the corner. A potion (transmutation; unidentified) and a scroll (conjuration;enchant a weapon to grant it the power of returning) in a foot chest that are magical. There’s a pouch of 84gp in the foot chest.

Take wing, soar and fly, let me view the winter sky – the password for the next teleporter.
Wanderroot goes through the teleporter first.

As we all gather in the hall below. There are strange noises coming out of the green house.
Wanderroot is holding the green house door shut. Nadia and Rustan enter the double doors into the hall of mirrors. There is a bright red carpet covering the floor from the double doors to the teleporter further along down the hallway. On either side are two naked silfs, standing guard.

We all shuffle in quietly, close the door behind us and make our way to the teleporter. Fortunately, we are alone in the corridor.

Onward, upward, in a tick, don’t be late – just be quick.
Wanderroot goes first.

The room is dominated by a giant sphere covered in lines and designs. It is transulcent and energies and forces ripple along it. There’s a bubbling caldron in the corner, and beside it is a goat. Standing up on either side of a tressle table is a tall male hummanoid and on the other side is the priestess of Aurel.

Nadia attacks Radosek Pavril screaming “Where’s my daughter!”. Aurel claims her innocence, but it is ignored as Radosek admits to recognizing Wanderroot as the Dryad’s treant. He is surprised that Wanderroot survived. He calls out to the goat—Valstoy protect me! The goat seems unimpressed. He intones over the cauldron, which bubbles madly.

As Wanderroot deals with Aurel, the cauldron overflows with water and the water turns to ice and ice elementals step out of the ice. The ice elementals fight hard, but eventually the party manages to shatter them and kill Radosek. The goat asks for clemency.


Radosek has an icicle wand, a bandolier with two bulbs of similar potions, a magical scroll, a crystal ring, a blue cloak and an amulet of a steel sphere.



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