In a Certain Realm...

S04 - The Plan is in place

But there's nothing to do but wait

Evening of the 27th of Flamerule.

The plan in place, there is nothing to do but wait. Lidiya starts to shiver violently from the cold, but the others seem unaffected. The snow and trees make for good cover, but it is several hours before one of the bandits emerges from the lodge. He tries to relieve himself at the edge of the porch, but his compatriots insist he go to the outhouse. Complaining, he retreats within and then comes back outside with a lantern. He trudges through the snow to the outhouse.

Bragea steps into his view as he approaches the outhouse, first hexing him and then charming him. Both seem to have worked as he is surprised. When he returns from the outhouse, he greets them like long-lost friends.

He leads the two women into the lodge. Unfortunately, the presence of the strangers in the lodge is quickly questioned, and even Bragea’s charming ways cannot smooth-over the strangeness of the situation. The women are joined by their compatriots and a brutal fight breaks out between the bandits and the party. Five sickened bandits at first join the frey, then (the survivors) retreat back to their sickroom. Skeletons made of ice and snow come down the stairs from above, freezing the floorboards upon which they walk. Talasine’s fire packets make quick work of them.

As the skeletons melt away, a whispering fills the room. A bandit’s eyes fade into his skull, leaving black holes behind. He dies with a shudder. Then the dead rise up. Between Private Rustan and Wanderroot, there are more dead than living on the ground floor, and while outnumbered, the party continues to fight on. Wanderoot is able to capture the dark priest who caused the magic, and while he is injured, he continues to cast. With the help of more packets form Talasine and holy water from Lidiya, the zombies burn and fall. But as the party gains the upperhand, the dark priest calls for Cyric and dark flame covers the undead. The zombies are stronger now, and the party weakens.

As the tide turns, a half-orc female comes out of the kitchen with a cleaver in her hands. Bragea tries to convince her to slay the zombies. With the new woman`s help, the party is able to overcome the undead, and win the day. But in the final throws of combat, Wanderoot falls and Mellifluere is dumped unceremoniously to the ground.

As quiet descends on the lodge, the party officially meets “10-penny” (a the female 1/2 orc) that the bandits called for during hte combat. She claims innocence and names herself Tasy. She says the bandits grabbed her in the forest before they took the lodge. Then they took the pretty lady from Algoron and locked her up with the survivors in the cellar.

Talasine and Rustan break through the barricaded door to the sickroom. Rustan insists they put on pants, then he ties the remaining bandits up. Once the surviving bandits are safely bound, he goes upstairs seeking potions. While Lydia tried to explain what these things usually look like, Talasine identifies what he brings down as poisons.

Once Mellifleure is placed comfortably in the nearby room, Lidiya goes down the stairs below the trap door to find Lady Argenta and three others, including Warden Eol, her brother. They are alive, but not well. Eol was badly beaten. Between the Lady’s potions and access to the Warden’s hidden stash of healing implements, Lidiya is able to bring everyone back to full health.

The Lady feeds Mellifleure a healing potion. She awakens.
Mellifleur grips Wanderroot’s trunk and starts singing.

The Lady gives Lidiya healing potions to treat the rangers.
Rustan and Talasine take care of the survivors at the Lady’s order.

The Lady shrinks him down by 2/3rds. She points at Tasy and demands she get a pot with earth. Once this is gathered, the Lady pots Wanderroot and puts him in a window well.

Warden Eol awakens and Lidiya tells her brother the tale. He tells us where the stash is located. There’s a glass wand with many notches as well as a couple of vials.

And in the distance the fleeing bandit is attacked by a giant eagle, and dies.


  • Rokar’s sword is magical (radiating enchantment). A short cleaver-like short sword.
  • Masterwork studded leather.
  • Dagger
  • Light crossbow
  • Magnificent fur cloak (white, magical) Radiating abjuration.
  • A scroll case; filled with wizard spells: Alarm, chill touch, expeditious retreat, feather fall, identify, locate object, ray of enfeeblement.
  • 15 gp
  • Keys
  • On the top floor, when we open the store room: There’s a small iron cage with a frost fae inside.
  • We find Rokar’s stash. 3 scrolls: of animate dead profane powers to Jergle.
  • A small lock box. When opened it contains 25pp, 150gp, 180sp, and a blue quartz ice crystal.
  • A small crate of 10 little clay flasks and 3 vials. Talasine identifies them as fire and magical (conjuration) healing.
  • A spyglass

We spend the night in the lodge and eat well.
The next day we discuss our future plans.



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