In a Certain Realm...

S25 The Three Ravens of the Hut

To help, to hinder, or to delay, we cannot decide their purpose.

We explore the “new” hut. Zorka does not respond to our calls.

Lidiya casts light on her spear and follows Rustan down the corridor. They go left from the room of the hut. There are glow-worms on the walls, and tiny moths flutter about. Raven women and squat men line the walls. Wanderroot is woken and joins us.

We come to a door with a symbol carved on it. It’s a symbolic dawn.

Dawn’s Room

Wanderroot pushes open the door and dawnlight shines upon us. Beyond is a garden in full bloom. In the center of this large room is a pool from which dawnslight radiates. There are various passages from the room, covered in vines. The floor is covered in dirt with little pathways of stone. The ceiling is domed above us.

A raven flutters down to the pool’s edge and wishes us good morning. Wanderroot learns the raven’s name is Triva. She’s wearing a small amulet and she is the oracle of the dawn.

She tells us that we must face what she cannot and learn its desires through our own. From this knowledge she can bind our fates to learn our faith. Lidiya is livid about this raven questioning her resolve in freeing her home from winter’s grasp.

We follow a small corridor into a small room.

In the edge of the room is a bed with a large bloodstain. From the far corner a flickering image of a woman appears. Her hair flutters infront of her face, hiding most of it. Lidiya offers good evening, and she sits on the bed. The woman is surprised that it is still evening. When the woman mentions that dawn never comes, Lidiya gets the idea that she desires the dawn. She talks to the spirit (that Wanderroot identifies as a living dream). Meanwhile Faufine flies to the raven and tells her our answer. Apparently it was correct, the door opens and the dawn’s light banishes the creature.

When we return to the raven, she gives us the gift of her amulet.

Seek now the sisters three who are one
Mother. Maiden. Crone.
But know that the Maiden is illusive
And may only be caught by the waxing moon.

The raven dives into the pool and disappears.
The amulet has a rune on it. Wanderroot thinks it’s in Amiscarian. Bragga figures out it is a chime of opening.

Twilight’s room

After a long walk of over 2 minutes, we come to an opening that is filled will iron trees. The light comes from a pale globe held between dark branches. The Raven names himself Mok – oracle of Twilight. He offers a challenge only if we need his help. Wanderoot does not believe we need any help.

Born twins, they live not; Yet they grow until death.
Their fates are often tied; ever crescent as the moon.
Symbols of the warrior’s pride.

The answer to this question lies in the chambler beyond. Bring the answer to Mok and he will help us.
He points our way into another dimly lit room, lined with iron trees.

A large shape starts charging towards us! The Beast of Gelgast is a mighty boar with tusks and hide of steel! It takes all of our blows and seems never to slow. It is Faufine, who attacks the beast from within that finally brings it low.

Wanderroot holds its tusks in place as the body rattles with death. Nadia takes the tusks. And Faufine insists on carrying them back to the Raven. Lidiya helps him (but doesn’t mention it).

Nadia cuts open the boar (in case something is inside). We find…. (something – Max will tell us next game).

The Raven lets us keep the tusks. He gives us another amulet. The amulet will lead you to one of the three clues we seek – the first ingredient for Grandmother’s kettle.

Look for the key when the time catches up to us all.
Look for the mother, when the moon is full.

Bragga identifies it as an amulet of natural weapons +1.

The night’s room

We find another door. Its symbol is odd, and while we assume it’s day – the room is night; pitch blackness. This room has thick stone columns and a vaulted ceiling. Moon flowers grow on the columns. A faintly glowing blood red orb dangles from a chain descending from the ceiling.

The Raven is white with red eyes. His name is Resume, Oracle of night. He asks us a series of riddles, which we must answer.

The grandfather sits
He is dressed in a thoushand coats
Who undresses him sheds tears
- An Onion

Does not bark, does not bite
And in the house does not let.
- The lock

Without hands and without legs
And is able to draw
- Frost

I mark nights coming
I will mark your end
I run not in fear
I have not a friend
- An Hourglass

After guessing the three riddles, the Raven warns us that t_he changeling holds what we desire. We will find the crone only when the moon wanes._ It throws the amulet at Rustan.

It is an ageis of recovery. It protects the weilder from bleed attacks.
It reads

3. Silver moon
2. Gold Sun
1. Artrosa (3-in-one)

We leave the room and come back to the original door we left. Across from the kitchen is a double door. It leads to another kitchen. A spacious room in a wooden cottage. The shelves are overflowing with ingredients of all manner of things. We see Zorka upstairs, chopping vegetables. The cauldron is in the middle of the room, bubbling away. A second cauldron is bubbling with soup.

A second person is in the room with his back to us. He’s a warrior. His axe is on his shoulder, and he’s on guard near the door. He sees us and turns to face us.



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