In a Certain Realm...

S21 The end of the clocktower caper and into the forest we go

The list of loot is truly amazing!

We free the hostages of Granny Nan and tell the small girl and Bella to hide in the witches home. We go down to the ground floor landing and Wanderroot casts haste on everyone before he slams open the door the barracks. We take on the four trolls in residence. Once the blue trolls are felled, Wanderroot wanders through the level.

He opens the door to the armoury. There are two armour dummies. the walls are covered with racks and racks of weapons; it looks like the winter guard are confiscating or stockpiling weapons. In the middle of the room is another troll who is sharpening his axe. Behind him is a female troll and a Troll Dog.

Rustan, Nadia, Gretta, and Faufine take on the hound, while Bragga takes on the axe-weilding troll. Wanderroot goes root-to-toe with the she-troll. The fight is fast, but nasty.

After a few more doors to open, we find the children in cells. We bar the front gate and loot the tower.

Polar bear pelt room (She Troll’s room)

  • Locked chest with key contains the payroll (767gp)
  • A greatsword made of brass-bronze metal, fairly light and magical. +1 Milarani sword. Kopeshe in shape.
    She Troll
  • A little mummified hand of an elf on a string and it’s magical. It can be used at will to summon a ghostly hand (mage hand at will).
  • Leather collar studded with ice diamonds (400gp)
  • Ton of weapons. Given to the resistance
  • Magical suit of scale mail armour (human sized) Masterwork +1
    On the trolls
  • 50gp (variety of coins)
  • Sketchbook of Irisani witches in “positions” beautifuly drawn (blackmail material) (1000gp) Given to the resistance
  • Magical cauldron – +5 to alchemy – Cauldron of Brewing
  • Food
    Children’s room
  • Wile wood labyrinth
    Granny’s Room
  • 3 potions – cure moderate wounds, fly, invisibility
  • A ring of flaxen hair (magical-abjuration) – protection +1
  • A snowglobe of the winter palace (200gp)
  • A box with a lot of correspondance and paperwork. Given to the resistance
    Dragon’s Lair
  • Lots of stuff (we take it all!)
  • Large wooden Kite Shield (Magical) +1
  • Adamantite Warhammer (we call it our lockpick)
  • Small serpentile figurine of an owl (Magical) – Figure of wonderous power (3x for giant owl, no max – any owl).
  • Bone scroll tube containing wizard scrolls
    • Blink
    • Scorching Ray
    • See Invisibility
      *2 wands
    • One that’s kinda hard to see – silent image 16x
    • Very light and precise – true strike 17x
  • Massive gold censor to Selune (500gp)
  • 5 tourmalines (50gp ea)
  • Monies — 240pp, 620gp, 1905sp, 7326cp

Bragga takes some of the blood from Gramma Nan.

We free the opera singer (Bella) and 7 kids.

Bragga, looking like the granny, organizes our escape. The group and kids (and goods) are transferred out via the bag of holding.
Once we’re out, and headed back towards the resistance, Wanderroot and Melliefluere summon earth elementals and pull down the tower.

Faufine goes to guard Wanderroot while Melliefluere comes with us. We return the children, weapons, paperwork and blackmail material to the resistance. Solveg is delighted to see Bella.

As the effects of our emptying the guard tower (and Wanderroot destroying it), one of the gates is taken by the Iron guard. And the guards that were centred in market place have dispersed.

The Heralds of Spring copies the smut to better display the queens of Iricent, often adding additional characters.
Curfew is heavily enforced tonight.

After a night’s rest, we spend time organizing the loot and magical items.

27th of Highsun

A few days later, the Iron guard has meet with the resistance and so far, it’s gone well.

We take the cart towards the market. The forest that fills it is an intimidating thing. The trees are tightly grown together and what spaces do exist seem filled with thorn wrapped vines. The cart is able to press into a nearby clearing, but the canopy dome the sky overhead. A lone patrol walks the circut of the market. There’s a disance music that fills the air. It’s a strange dulcet haunting music.

Despite the lack of guards, Melliefluere insists we travel via bag of holding and an earth elemental.

After the transition we are in a clearing inside a grove, about 60 × 70 feet in a weird shape. In the grove is a big rippling zone of shadows. On the other side of this swirling mass is a shape, maybe a building. Off to the east is a large bolder with smaller boulders swirling around it. The sound of piping seems to be coming from there too.

Sitting cross-legged on a floating boulder is a dawn-singer. It circles a stone stage about 10 feet high.
The music stops when the dawnsinger recognizes us as mortals. And we introduce ourselves.
The dawnspeaker says the hut is claimed and we cannot have it. They found it and so claim it.
With our tale, we are able to sway Ravathiel to our cause and he is willing to give us access to the hut in return for giving his name to grandmother as he did protect the hut from all the witches of Irysinth.

His sister is at the alter of water and is mad.
His brother is at the alter of air and is cruel.



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