In a Certain Realm...

S09 Welcome to Villeday

30th of Flamerule

We are in Vilday; it is a mirror image of Heldren.
We spent most of the day resting and resupplying.

We learn the winter witch of the area is named Vasillia Vatona; she is the great great granddaughter of Rustan’s missing witch; Baba Yaga. Vatona’s tower is in the same spot as Meillifleur’s grove relative to Heldrun.

We were discussing our plans of leaving in the morning when a local boy arrives and knocks at the door to warn Nadia that there are soldiers approaching.

Lidiya and Bragga go to Varna’s Assundries to buy supplies and sell goods. Then they visit the local apothecary (after receiving directions, as there are no sign of it). He is badly scarred by fire, and is missing his left arm. After a short discussion, he accepts the tasks we ask of him. Mellifluere is there to cast the spell to make the device. Faufine is left to watch over Wanderroot as he sleeps.

Rustan goes to the smithy to make some bullets. The smith is curious, but lets Rustan do his work.
After spending time at the temple and shopping at the general’s store, Bragga and Lidiya go back to Nadia’s.

Towards the end of the day, there’s a commotion in the town square. Rustan is cleaning up his workspace, when he sees a gathering of soldiers in the town square. The leader is a bearish-looking man, he and two of the soldiers stalk into the local inn. Two other soldiers are coming back from the temple, leading the priest away.

The smith warns Rustan not to get involved. Rustan gathers his things and leaves by the back door. He slowly makes his way around the outside of the village, avoiding the soldiers. He crosses a street when he is spotted. They call for him to halt, but he keeps going. While running, he enters a house by bashing through a door and then puts a chair against the door. He leaps out of the window and climbs a nearby tree and hides atop the snow covered thatch wood.

At Nadia’s house, a boy comes to warn her that the soldiers are coming to the house to find the foreigners. The older woman takes the two boys to the atic. Lidiya takes a moment to clean up and she and Bragga hide. From the attic, she calls to Faufine and send him off to warn Mellifluere. Hopefully the soldiers did not notice.

Faufine finds Mellifluere and warns her. She thanks the alchemist and then leaves. Faufine shrinks her down to a tiny person’s size. The soldiers rush past her, seeking out Rustan, and ignoring her.

In the house, the soldiers demand Nadia’s presence as the Sargent wants to talk to her about the strangers she’s been hiding. The soldiers insist, and after threatening her children, they are let in and they half-assedly search the place. They leave taking Nadia away.

Lidiya and Bragga grab all the gear and retreat to Wanderroot. Eventually Mellifluere, Faufine and Rustan return and Wanderroot wakes up.

The soldiers call out to the villagers and insist everyone come out to the square. Nadia and the priest are both tied up. The party moves to hide behind the White Stoat Inn. We can hear the Sargent talking. Mellifluere walks into their midst and starts talking to them. She successfully charms the Sargent.

Lidiya, Bragga, and Rustan meet up with Nadia as she heads back to her house. And we strategize.

Mellifluere learns who is in the tower and what we might face when we go there. The Sargent is very forward, giving the passwords that he knows.

We meet again at Wanderroot, the party takes up positions and hides. Rustan can kind of see what’s going on. The Sargent has drawn his cold iron sword, looking beyond Mellifluere as she sinks into Wanderroot and he awakes. Rustan decides to wait and see what the soldiers do.

As Lidiya blesses her allies the Sargent calls out to assemble his men.
Bragga quietly curses the Sargent.

Wanderroot is warned the Sargent is an enemy. Wanderroot rears up and digs his branches into the Sargent, turning him away and doing massive damage. The Sargent’s cry for assembly turns into a scream of fear and pain.
Nadia races forward and hits him in the neck with her axe.

Soldiers come out of the inn and call for others. And so, they fight. Bragga and Rustan, Wanderroot and Lidia, all with Nadia’s help, manage to defeat the soldiers, but not without getting hurt.

As Rustan barges in, the innkeeper starts screaming at Rustan to leave. He claims we’ve brought the witch’s wraith down upon the village. Wanderoot takes the mirror out from the back of the bar. Rustan finds crossbow that the innkeeper was hovering, below the bar.

Bragga figures out that the mirror might be a way of informing the witch.

We regroup while Mellifluere goes to talk to Nadia’s domovoy for more information.


The 6 soldiers all have cold iron long swords, regular daggers, crossbows and bolts, 6 potions of endure elements, 6 chain shirts, 6 light (small) steel shields, and a total of 94 gold pieces amongst them.

The Sargent has a potion of endure elements, two cure light wounds potions, 1 unknown potion, two magical crossbow bolts (faint enchantment +2, screaming), chain shirt, spiked light shield, cold iron longsword (masterwork), light crossbow (masterwork), 30 gold pieces and a little mirror.



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