In a Certain Realm...

S06 Mellifluere's Grove

We traveled to Mellifluere’s grove. The trees tell Wanderroot that the nearby cave has been overtaken by between 1 and 3 trolls. Getting to the cave is tricky, as most of us struggle through the snow, although Wanderroot easily walks atop it.

Once inside we see that there are two bear rugs on the floor (Wanderroot claims to have known them). Sitting there, is a large troll. He’s looking at something shiny.

Between Bragga’s orchish curse and Wanderroot’s massive branches, the Troll is taken unawares. Lidiya calls down the moonlight while Talasine throws vials that explode into firely death upon the troll. Fafine guards our backs and keeps watch outside the cave.

As the others search the cave, a frost fae comes out of the snow and flies towards Wanderroot. The frost fae calls out for Teb and a little stone falls into the cave and explodes.

“Begone. The mistress of ice now owns this place!” A figure appears, made of light and flickering flame. Bragga calls out “Your illusions won’t fool us!”. And we move to engage the ice fae.

A second exploding rock strikes Wanderroot, causing a big chunk of Wanderroot’s shoulder flies off. The fae casts color spray, striking Bragga and Wanderroot.

Bragga’s hair takes on a life of its own, and grabs the winged fae. Wanderroot reaches over and grabs the fae from hBragga’s hair. He tries to put both in the cage on his shoulder. Lidiya turns as the fire dies out and from the back of the frozen troll a red-eye’ed eagle bursts free and flies at us! Rustan takes a shot and it disappears into a small rain of feathers and gore.

Talasine tries to strike the last arrival, but he ducks back into his igloo. Wanderroot reaches into the igloo but can’t quite grab it; his fists bang into the walls and his fist breaks the floor, uncovering a pit trap. The fae comes out of the top of the igloo. Between Bragga’s curse, Rustan’s knife at the end of his rifle, and Wanderroot’s grappling, the fae is at last captured.

After the combat we search the many igloos in the area.
The storm comes from a centralized location; it is surrounded by a ring of sharp spears of ice.

There is a rough path through the ice, but we back off.


  • Teb has his crazy spear,
  • a wineskin filled with a magical liquid (feather step),
  • a small key,
  • and a tiny divination mirror.
  • The tiny potion taken from the frost fae is a potion of cure moderate wounds.
  • 2 divine scrolls – remove curse, resist energy (fire).
  • The chest in the cave was locked. It contains four more giant skins of potion (feather step), 4 ice quartz (100gp each), a silver didem (300gp), 1 nearly flawless diamond (500gp), jewled necklace (400gp), 3 sapphire rings (75gp ea), gold (2457), silver (3313) and copper (1768).

Wanderroot knocks all the igloos down. Then, we gather and head to the center of the storm. Wanderoot identifies it as an open fae crossroad. As we are watching it, a thrush flies through the crossroads. It lands on Wanderroot’s hand. The thrush stands up. It’s a tiny human wearing a thrush’s cloak. He introduces himself as Dralish of the court of beasts. He’s been sent as a messenger from the court of trees.

The court of trees has planted itself to lend strength to help the local trees. It falls to Wanderroot to deal with this problem of unnatural winter. The court of beasts will do their best to engage the enemy. It seems the shadow court has awoken. In addition to all of this, there is someone waiting on the other side of the portal to talk to Rustan.

Talasine and the thrushling leave to report back on all we have learned thus far. The rest of us take shelter in the cave, building a small fire and trying to stay warm through the night.

Wanderroot takes root in the grove, and Meillifluere steps out.
Lidiya and Meillifluere talk briefly, then Lidiya seeks the warmth of the cave.

During the night, Meillifluere gathers the frost fae and holds court. She condemns the imprisoned fae to death by fire.

29th of Flamerule.

The next day, the storm still rages out from the portal. We gather food and supplies and approach the portal. As we step through there is a brief flash of super-cold! And we step out into night.

We’re in a forest clearing that’s snowed in. The sky is dark, but clear. There is gentle snow falling, but as it approaches the portal, it gains speed and is forced through. As we step through, Lidiya is a wolf. She is luminescent in the moon light with a black silver crescent on her forehead.

In the far distance there is a light beacon. Wanderroot gathers us up and keep us together. He takes hold of Lidiya, and she sneezes – blowing the snow off the path for 50’. Focusing on Lidiya, Wanderroot is able to find and walk along the silver path. Along the way, Rustan finds a cigarette butt.

We are walking throught the forest. Then we’re not. We’re in a plain. In the distance is a woman with her arms spread out. Every pace is a great distance. As we approach the snow, Lidiya burns it away using the light that envelops her. Eventually, we come to a fork in the road. One path goes straight while the left path snakes up a hill. Atop it is the beacon we’d seen earlier.

Atop the hill is a black building with spires and towers. The top-most bulb is emanating the light. Rustan recognizes it. At the crock of the path is a peasant’s house. It’s surrounded by garden, and there’s a goat tied outside it. From inside comes a woman’s laughter.



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